Whether it’s junk email, unwanted Facebook messages or automated followers on Twitter, we can all agree that spam is a nuisance. TrueTwit provides a way to minimize the amount of spammers among your Twitter followers by making users verify their accounts before following you. Reducing spam seems like a no-lose situation but is this tool helpful or harmful?

Twitter and Spam

With the rapid expansion of the “Twittersphere” and the new marketing opportunities that come along with it, the increased occurrence of spam is inevitable. Automated bots create much of this spam on Twitter. By appearing to be an actual user, these bots mass follow other users in hopes of them returning the favor. They sometimes go on to post harmful links and send unwanted messages.


No one wants spam – especially when trying to connect and engage with your real followers. Some Twitter users are finding ways to combat spammers with the help of TrueTwit. TrueTwit gives users the power to verify that their followers are in fact actually human. Anytime a user follows you, that new follower receives a direct message asking them to complete a CAPTCHA — assessments that humans can pass but automated bots can’t, such as typing words in distorted images. If they are successful, or a current TrueTwit user, you will receive an email verifying that your new follower isn’t automated.

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While the opportunity to reduce the amount of spam you experience might seem like an obvious positive, creating obstacles for potential followers could hinder your ability to amass a large following. Making users verify their accounts adds an extra step to the simple action of clicking “follow” on your profile.


Spam clogging up your Twitter feed and inbox is less than ideal. TrueTwit has found a way to lessen this annoyance by verifying that your new followers are human. Essentially it’s a tradeoff. If you want to diminish the quantity of spam you encounter on Twitter, then TrueTwit is for you. But with the additional step of verification, you might inadvertently discourage potential new followers. Less spam and potentially fewer followers or more spam and no obstacles for followers? You decide.

Is TrueTwit worth it? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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