The web has been built on the money driven by online ads. Banner ads hope to specifically target our attention on a site and drive traffic to another web page. The originating site is rewarded with payment for delivering the click. As banner ads have proliferated, the effectiveness has changed over time. The following infographic from the team at Prestige Marketing put together these awesome stats to outline banner ads and effectiveness.  Make sure you tweet out these awesome banner ad stats. 


  • Ages 55+ are most likely to click.  <Tweet This>
  • 71% of college graduates have clicked a banner ad in the past 6 months. <Tweet This>
  • 59% of people with a high school diploma or less have clicked a banner ad in the past 6 months. <Tweet This>
  • Average click-thru rate (CTR) is 2.1% <Tweet This>

Reasons to Click

39% of people clicked on a banner ad because:
  • It showed a product they were interested in.
  • It sparked an interest in a product they had considered previously. 

Reasons NOT to Click

Who Looks At Banner Ads Infographic

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