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Face The Buzz is an integrated marketing firm in Charlotte, NC, offering traditional and digital marketing services to businesses nationwide.  We take a multimodal approach to forming lasting connections with your target market.  Our integrated marketing practices promise to give your brand the greatest exposure possible while adhering to your company’s mission and helping you achieve key business objectives.

At the heart of your company’s reputation are the honest connections made with your customers, your community, and your competitors.  Engagement is absolutely essential, and we are here to make those critical interactions easier for you.  At Face The Buzz, we believe that there is incredible value in the exchange of ideas.

Most importantly, it is our goal to provide the very best marketing solutions to our community.  We provide customized marketing strategies to each of our clients, and we listen closely to their individual and evolving business needs.

Face The Buzz is your team.


Face The Buzz was founded in 2010 by Andrew K. Kirk as a means to provide social media and marketing consulting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.  In 2014, the business was acquired by a pair of ladies with a flair for brand development and a passion for creating dialogue that matters.  While ownership has changed, the mission of Face The Buzz remain the same.  We want to give your brand momentum and help you form lasting connections with the people who matter most: your customers.

Today, Face The Buzz is proud to be a part of the Charlotte, North Carolina community, while still serving businesses nationwide.  Our boutique firm has evolved into a full-service integrated marketing agency bent on bringing your business into the homes of your target market.

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